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COWP-006 圧巻K-cup!パイズリ狭射歴1000人超なのに経験人数2人!押しに弱い性格のせいで付いたあだ名は『乳専用性欲処理器』。おかげで胸がコンプレックスになったが、本当は挿れて欲しくてタマらない承認欲求高めな欲求不満女子。お嬢様国立大学生・萌さん / COWP-006 The Masterpiece K-cup! 2 People Who Have Experienced Narrow Shooting History Of Over 1000 People! The Nickname That Was Attached Due To Its Weak Personality Is “milk-based Sexual Desire Processor”. Thanks To That, My Chest Became A Complex, But In Reality I Am A Frustrated Girl With A High Approval Desire That I Do Not Want To Be Inserted Because I Want To Be Inserted. Lady National University Student Moe



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