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DVDMS-582 一般黒人男性×美脚CA ち○ぽが大きすぎて困っている日本在住の黒人男性が大手航空会社勤務のキャビンアテンダントにお悩み相談!日本人の短小ち○ぽよりもはるかに大きい海外サイズの黒デカち○ぽの登場に恥じらいながらも黒パンストに包まれたフライト帰りのムレたマ○コ… / DVDMS-582 General Black Man X Beautiful Legs CA Chi ○ A Black Man Living In Japan Who Is In Trouble Because His Size Is Too Big Consults With A Cabin Attendant Who Works For A Major Airline! Overseas Small Size Big Black Much Bigger Than Japanese Small And Small ○ ○ While Shy About The Appearance Of Black Big ○ Po, It Was Wrapped In Black Pantyhose And Was Stuffy On The Way Home…



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