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SORA-271 おとうとは俺専用のおよめさん 僕の命と引き換えにお母さんがこの世から去って十数年…。お兄ちゃんがアニヲタになったのも性癖がネジ曲がったのも全部僕のせい…。そうだ、おにいちゃんのおよめさんになろう! ベアトリクス / SORA-271 My Dad Is My Exclusive Omesan. In Exchange For My Life, My Mother Has Passed Away From The World For More Than Ten Years … It’s All My Fault That My Older Brother Became Aniota And His Propensity Was Twisted. That’s Right, Let’s Become An Old Man! Beatrix

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